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Exclusive Life Insurance Lead Pricing
(All Prices Per Lead)

Ages 30+/$100K Exclusive Shared
Statewide $32.00
Geo-target (Counties) $36.00 $22.00
Ages 45+/$100K Exclusive Shared
Statewide $40.00
Geo-target (Counties) $45.00 $26.00

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum deposit is required to get started.

*Leadbot's pricing operates on an auction system wherein highest bidders receive first delivery. The pricing quoted here reflects our best effort to provide national market averages. It may be necessary, depending on your location, to increase your bid to reach a reasonable market price.

Guaranteed Filters

  • All prospects will be between the ages 30 to 79.

  • All prospects will have a minimum death benefit of $100,000.

Billing Terms

  • NO long term contracts

  • Minimum deposit required. Account recharged to original deposit amount when balance depleted to 25%

  • Customer can opt-out of additional recharges at anytime by sending an email to service@leadbot.com

July 6, 2009
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